Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is so special about AffiliatedNg?

There are a lot of things that are special about AffiliatedNg. It’s the first ever all-inclusive FAMILY-LIKE COMMUNITY BASED Affiliate marketing platform.

Q2. Now that I have signed up, What do I need to do?

Great! Now, it’s time to take the next EASY Step. Pay your yearly Membership/Committment fee of N20,500 ($41). To have access to all the BENEFITS of the platform, which includes, courses, trainings, mentorship, support, selling rights to 100s of high-value products, the community and more.

Q3. I heard that membership on the platform is free. Is it?

It is actually better than free. We look out for commitment in You. And one of the ways you show commitment is by paying for the membership. When you show your commitment by paying, you will have access to your dashboard where you access 5+ high value courses, 150+ hours of trainings and frameworks that would help you accelerate your journey to making 7 digits in affiliate marketing. You'd also get an automatic access to the official AffiliatedNG Support and Beginners training group where you'd be recieving weekly trainings from the CEO and 100s of Super Affiliates and Mentors.

Q4. How Does it work?

This is as SIMPLE as ABC. LEARN high-income skills for experts. IMPLEMENT consistently and decisively, by SELLING products. EARN 7 Digits monthly.

Q5. What Products do I sell?

AffiliatedNg provides first, a robust platform for people to practise-earn with the skills and Secondly, a marketplace (7DC.) where the affiliates can sell. Hence, Membership of AffiliatedNg in itself is a Product. In addition: On 7DC (the ecommerce platform), affiliates sell products and services ranging from Digital Courses [Copywriting, Closing, Sales Automation etc] to Physical Products [Clothes, Shoes, Gifts etc] to Services [Telemedicine, Insurance, Spa etc].

Q6. What is 7DC.?

7DC. is a marketplace for affiliates to get High-Value products to recommend to people, sell, and make huge commissions. 7 DIGITS C. (Commissions, Courses, Creators, Clients, Calling) On 7DC., Affiliates have access to different categories of Products. Digital Products (courses, books, frameworks, memberships), Offline Products (Clothes, shoes, gifts etc,) and Service-based Products (Telemedicine, Spa, Insurance etc.) and EARN as high as 80% commissions on sales.

Q7. Do I have to pay to be on 7DC too?

You have FULL UN-RESTRICTED access to 7DC. when you pay your commitment fee on AffiliatedNg. Only those who aren’t members of AffiliatedNg are required to pay a token of N10,500 ($21) to access selling rights on 7DC.

Q8. How Do I Make Money on The AffiliatedNg Platform?

SEVEN Ways; One: Sell the AffiliatedNg Membership [N20,500 ($41)] and earn N8000 ($16) - approx. 40% - commission on sales. Two: Earn N4000 ($8) - approx. 20% - commission on indirect sales made through you. Three: Sell any of the products hosted on our 7DC. platform and earn as high as 80% commission on every sale. Four: Refer Affiliates on 7DC. And Earn N5000 ($10) commission, when the Affiliate Pays for Selling rights on 7DC. Five: Win monetary awards: Every month two affiliates will win N1M ($2000) Naira each. You will find the criteria on your dashboard. Six: Win Challenges, winning any of the challenges does not only help you make money in the other three categories above, it also lets you win Awards in Values and money. Seven: Bi-Annual Profit Sharing, every six months the platform will be sharing its profit with its active and most committed members.

Q9. I’m new to Affiliate Marketing, is there any training plan for me?

Yes, there is a full-blown training schedule for everyone, beginners to intermediate to expert level. Everyone will be carried along. There is also a plan for weekly virtual meetings (on Google Meet), where we help everyone to stay motivated and inspired for 7 Digits success.

Q10. How Much do I make when I refer other affiliates to the platform?

Earn N8000 ($16) - approx. 40% - direct sales commission and N4000 ($8) - approx. 20% - indirect sales commission when you sell the AffiliatedNg Membership. Earn N5000 ($10) commission, when the Affiliate Pays for Selling rights on 7DC.

Q11. How much do I make when I sell products?

What you make is the percentage of the sales value (ranging from $10 to $200). And this percentage varies from product to product. Some products will pay you as high as 80% commission and others may pay you as low as 10%.

Q12. What guarantee can you give me that I will be successful?

We GUARANTEE to TRAIN you and PROVIDE every possible resources you will need to succeed. However, it is important that you EXECUTE, LISTEN, IMPLEMENT, and BE CONSISTENT. You have to LEARN, DO and MAKE IT WORK.

Q13. Is AffiliatedNg only for Nigeria?

AffiliatedNg is for every and ANYONE. It is not limited to Nigerians or to Nigeria. It is called AffiliatedNg, because it is built and made by Nigerians and with an hidden mission to create a WORKING system for youths to SUCCEED in Online Money Making LEGITIMATELY. A place every Nigerian and African youth can truly call HOME!

Q14. Can a foreigner pay into the Company’s account and How?

Yes. Our payment gateway accepts international payments and all currencies.

Q15. In which Currency will a foreigner receive his commission sale? And what's the method to go about it?

There are 2 currency options on the platform, Naira (NGN) which is the default currency and US Dollars (USD) which is the alternative currency option. Affiliates can choose to withdraw into their local banks, or via other payment platforms such as Paypal or Payoneer.

Q16. Can I have more than One account with AffiliatedNg?

Our Mission is to build a TRUE COMMUNITY. This will be defeated if a user has more than 1 verified account. Hence, we do not allow double accounts owned by one person. It is against our community policy. Such action would force us to deactivate one or both accounts.

Q17. What is the minimum withdrawal on both AffiliatedNg and 7DC?

The mininum withdrawal on AffiliatedNg is N50,000 ($100) And on 7DC. it is N20,000 ($40)