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The Situation

You were always going to be an adult. Its just that now you are one or almost one. Naturally, adulting means you will be spending money, lots of it. It also means that you will have to take care of other people. You are also expected to improve the quality of the kind of life you were handed, or how else are you supposed to create wealth if you didn’t come from wealth.

To put it in a no-BS terms, you have been messed with. The system has messed with you, messed with your head. They have programmed you for a life that will fail. Some realise it early, others, late.

There is no way anyone can convince us that it is not a rather evil and strange thing for 6+3+3+4+X years of education to be unable to guarantee any type of financial reward.

There is absolutely no sense in wasting 20 years of your life for nothing.

The Gap

However, not all is gloom and doom, for example, you made some friends, you also consume content on social media, you operate a smart phone, you probably have some time of employment somewhere no matter how terrible and to cap it all, you have a mind that works.

You happen to have all these around the same time the world is experiencing the greatest social commerce boom of all time. How much do you think you need to make every week or month? ‘Cause this online money choke o.

We don’t ever cry over spilled milk (well some of us once did), usually we would milk the spilled milk until it wishes it didn’t spill.

If you got this far and you are ready for a future different from the one that is filled with lack or scarcity, we want you to know that we got you. The gap is that there is so much money to be made and not enough people to make it.

We will do our best to fill that gap. Our mandate is simple, we are raising seven million millionaires in seven years (2022-2028).

We don’t just say that ‘we will do’. We actually DO. In fact, we are DO-ING.
We know that the education system has failed to teach you the mindset, the knowledge, the forte, to become a millionaire.
So, if we must make a Millioniare of you, we have a system in place, that we can guarantee to make you ONE of the 7 Million Millinaires we’re raising.
We call it the 7-Pillar Millionaire Execution.

  • 1. Training
  • 2. Support
  • 3. Mentorship
  • 4. Community
  • 5. Branding
  • 6. Authority
  • 7. Platform

The Benefits

The benefits keep piling up, from instant earnings to mentors profit sharing to health insurances to sponsored travelling to creators benefits.

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